Light and Daffodils」是遊戲Another Story的片頭曲。

作曲及編曲自Flaming Heart。小提琴由Eunhee Cho演奏。歌詞為Cheritz所編。演唱者為Hosan Lee(V的聲優)及Hyunjin Lee(Rika的聲優)。

歌詞官方共有英語及韓語版本,收錄在「Another Story Original Soundtrack」中。

歌詞 编辑

In search of shining ray
Daffodil swaying beneath the blaze

Trying to bloom with all its might
It puts in all its heart

This, a song of dreams sweetly sung
This, a song of memory lonely sought

Into the light the flower may flourish
It takes a push to make me perish

Shall there be light, do forgive me
even the act I feign to protect me

Shall there be hope, flower shall blossom
even if surrendering my everything in whole

Love tenderly this Daffodil

This little daffodil
lingering in the dark

Trying to comfort solitude
in its little chamber

In search of sweet dreams, he wanders
searching for sweet and steady white flower

I'll be the spark even if I must surrender
Don't come near, my shadows will scathe you

  • Repeat

I pray for bliss, my one and only
Sorrow, I feel for my only salvage

Right I couldn't do but make hearts ache

Dreamt forgiveness if loved so dearly
But pushed away from scare and fright

Love this soft and feeble flower
In truth, a fragile little flower

Give love to this yellow daffodil
Adore, admire this yellow daffodil

Brush off, ignore this yellow daffodil