中文版本翻譯為「活力女孩」。本名Kyungju Choi (中譯:崔瓊珠),不過不喜歡自己的名字,因此多半使用藝名Echo Girl,為Zen路線出來的配角。為知名女歌手。她的胸部是真的D罩杯。

最知名的歌曲為「Free Friday」[1]。有另一首歌叫作「Echo」,似乎整首歌都是echos,所以不受歡迎[2]

她是Zen的粉絲,在社群網站上常發表言論,曾經因為說「I want to spend a fab long night with Zen」而被攻擊[3]。她也曾說:「When I started acting instead of singing, I watched a lot of Zen in "Jalapeno". My role model ever since I was in high school.」、「I'm going to go out with Zen as soon as I become famous. No way he's going to refuse my perfect bod.」、「OMG. New teaser for Zen's new role is OUT! My heart's gonna stop. Yaaaaas!!」


備註 编辑

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