遊戲最新版本 编辑

目前最新版本為:Android(v 1.8.3 (2017/09/09))、iOS(v 1.8.3 (2017/09/12))

特別版本 编辑

2017 April Fool's Day 编辑

Cheritz於2017/03/21 v1.7.0推出了2017 April Fool's Day DLC,新增了遊戲內容。

2017 Valentine's Day 编辑

Cheritz於2017/02/08 v1.6.7推出了2017 Valentine's Day的After Story,新增了全語音的Visual Novel,談論After Story後的情人節故事。

2016 Christmas特別版 编辑

Cheritz於2016/12/19 v1.6.0推出了2016 Christmas特別版,新增了兩天的遊戲內容。

重大版本更新內容 编辑

v 1.8.3 (2017/09/09) 编辑

由於在v 1.8.2版的更新造成AOS許多玩家data消失,因此給予全ASO玩家共150沙漏;iOS玩家則有10沙漏的補償。

  • Urgent bug fix:Data loss bug fixed
  • Hourglass compensation:Total 150.(iOS : 10 hourgalsses)
  • Expected Update time:September 9th 19:50(KST)

v 1.8.2 (2017/09/08) 编辑

此版本新增了Another Story的V路線,需要花費300個沙漏才能解鎖。原有的VIP或全角色電話卡「不能」打給V與Unknown,需要花費10沙漏才能打通。

  • Mystic Messenger Another Story V Route Released
    • 11天的遊戲內容
    • 7個endings
    • Visual Novel及電話全語音
    • 新的鈴聲
    • V Route的Freetalk
  • Fixed the profile load system
  • Minor bug fixes
V's route entry

v 1.8.1 (2017/08/25) 编辑

  • Minor Bug fix

v 1.8.0 (2017/08/04) 编辑

  • Several bug fixes

v 1.7.9 (2017/07/26) 编辑

  • Numerous bug fixes

v 1.7.8 (2017/07/19) 编辑

  • New UI applied
  • Various bug fixes


v. 1.7.7 (2017/07/07) 编辑

  • Fixed duplicated notification bug
1 year anniversary

v 1.7.6 (2017/07/03) 编辑

  1. Improved the in-game downloads
  2. Improved the chatroom alarm scheduler
  3. Various bug fixes

v 1.7.5 (2017/05/22) 编辑

  1. Improved UI for user’s convenience
    1. Auto-scroll to current day and chatroom in list
    2. Added pause function in visual novel
  2. Improved timezone and asset download system
  3. Minor bug fixes

v 1.7.4 (2017/04/27) 编辑

  • Increased game stability
  • Improved push notification scheduling
  • Improved the “Today” notice UI in the DayList
  • Other various bug fixes

v 1.7.3 (2017/04/13) 编辑

  • Added Common Route Skip feature

此版本新增了Casual Story及Deep Story的Common Route Skip選項。意即,現在可以花100個沙漏,直接點選你希望進入的遊戲角色故事。當然也可以選擇從第一天開始玩,即免費。

  • Improved the in-game update system
  • Stabilized the email system
  • Various game improvements and trivial bug fixes

v 1.7.2 (2017/04/05) 编辑

  • iOS save data loading bug fixed
  • Minor bug fixes

此版本更新了愚人節特輯的「April Theme」,至4/30 23:59結束。

v 1.7.1 (2017/03/29) 编辑

  • Fixed a save load bug
  • Various bug fixes

v 1.7.0 (2017/03/21) 编辑

此版本新增了April Fool's Day的新進版畫面以及遊戲內容。

  • April Fools DLC addition.
  • Improved the in game resource update system.
  • English version image fixes.
  • English typos fixed.
  • Trivial bug fixes.
2017 April Fool's Day

v 1.6.9 (2017/03/02) 编辑


  • Back button UI update
  • Mode Select Load option updated to Save/Load
  • Added a save menu when branching
  • Continue button design update
  • Branch button design update
  • Fixed a typo in the emails for English
  • Improved the text message UI
  • Fixed a bug with the Christmas DLC VN rooms
  • Added a cancel button to the UFO reward interface
  • Asset update optimization
  • Text message preview bug fix
  • Fixed a login bug

v 1.6.8 (2017/02/16) 编辑

  • Improved the chatroom notifications.
  • Updates to the in app purchase system.
  • Improved Valentines Day DLC.
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Added a missing English translation.

v 1.6.7 编辑

此版本新增了Valentine's Day的進版畫面(含進版問候),以及2017 Valentine's Day的After Story。

  • Valentines Day update
  • Improved the Save/Load system
  • Improved the Email system
  • Fixed a notification setting bug
  • Added a missing translation
Valentine's Day

v 1.6.6 编辑

  • After ending bug fix.
  • Added some missing translations.
  • Fixed the BGM suddenly muting bug.
  • Fixed a display bug with the Christmas DLC chatroom progress.
  • Christmas DLC bug fix. 

v 1.6.3 编辑


  • Fixed a chatroom display bug in Extra
  • Fixed a bug where images and audio sporadically failed to load.
  • Improved the in-game announcement system.
  • 2nd day of the Christmas Story branch bug fixed.
  • Continue button overlap bug fixed.
2017 New Year


V 1.6.0 编辑


  • Christmas DLC Added
    • Check out the Special menu at the app!
    • Eve+Christmas Day Included
    • 8 Endings
    • Full-voiced
    • Christmas BGMs included
  • Customer Service System changed
  • Email Crash Optimization
Christmas DLC

v 1.5.2 编辑


  • Halloween title image and greeting voice added.
  • Fixed text message push alarm issues.
  • Improved game stability.
  • Ended the free period of Max Speed & Save Slot Load.
    • Free trial for the Max Speed/Save Slot Load Feature will end from v.1.5.2
    • VIPs can still use Max speed for free.
    • If you are not a VIP user; you can still receive the Max Speed feature for free by unlocking all character’s After Endings and Secret endings 1 & 2 by November 7th.

v 1.3.8 编辑


  • Made the guest reward saving more stable.
  • Added a quality select for the video.
  • Changed some error messages to be more friendly.
  • Updated contact us information/link.
  • Fixed email responses.
  • Fixed some save load issues.
  • Updated the title image for Autumn.
Autum (1.3.8v)