進版問候 编辑

Mystic Messenger遊戲若遇到重大更新或改版(如特殊節日等),則會在進版畫面新增各角色的問候語。由於是韓文且無字幕,故本wiki獲得tumblr上的「Voice Clips & Recordings from Mystic Messenger(@mysticmessengeraudio)」同意,取得由他們翻譯的進版畫面。


一般進版 编辑

  • Yoosung
    • Morning
      • Finally finished making breakfast~ (終於做好了早餐~)
      • Did you have a good morning? (你有過個美好的早晨嗎?)
      • Log into the chatroom quickly… please? (快點登入聊天室…嘛?)
    • Afternoon
      • It would be great if everything in the cafeteria was delicious today. (如果學餐每天都能像今天一樣好吃的話就太好了。)
      • Lecture or LOLOL, that is the question… (要去聽課,還是LOLOL…[1]
    • Evening
      • I’m going shopping for groceries! (我要去採買!)
      • I was waiting for you to sign in! (我在等你上線!)
      • I’m going to get on LOLOL as soon as I’m done with my assignments. (我一做完我的作業就要去玩LOLOL!)
    • Midnight
      • Is it possible… you’ve been playing LOLOL too and haven’t gone to sleep yet? (有沒有可能…你也在玩LOLOL所以你還沒睡?)
      • Did you see the time? When did it get so late? (你有看到時間了嗎?怎麼已經那麼晚了?)
      • Wow! A meteor fell from the sky just now! (哇!有顆流星從天上掉下來!)
      • Don’t strain yourself for too long. (不要勉強自己。)
      • LOLOL rank 2 ‘ShootingStar’ is logging on! (LOLOL排名第二的「Shooting Star」己登入!)
  • Zen
    • Morning
      • Ah! Even in the morning, I look so handsome~ (啊!即使是早上,我也如此帥~)
      • Did you sleep well? (你有睡好嗎?)
      • I was waiting for you all night. (我等了你整夜。)
    • Afternoon
      • Afternoon practice should be perfect as well. (下午的練習應該也是完美的。)
      • Did you enjoy your lunch? (你享受你的午餐嗎?)
      • Mm mm, ah ah. How’s my voice? Isn’t it great? (嗯嗯,啊啊。我的聲音如何?棒嗎?)
    • Evening
      • You really want to hear me sing? (你真的想聽我唱歌?)
      • My goddess, I missed you… How was that line? Was it okay? (「我的女神,我好想你…」這個台詞怎樣?好嗎?)
      • A beer would be the best right now~ (如果現在喝啤酒最棒了~)
    • Midnight
      • Now, young lady. It’s time for you to go to bed. (Young lady現在呀,你是該去睡覺的時候了。)
      • If you sleep right now… it’ll be good for your skin. (如果你現在去睡的話…會對你的皮膚好。)
      • What’s keeping my darling from being able to sleep? I’ll take care of it for you~ (是什麼讓我親愛的無法入睡?我來幫你解決它~)
      • It’s time for you to go to bed, little lady~ (你該睡覺囉,little lady~)
  • Jaehee
    • Morning
      • Today, I hope you have a joyful day. (今天,希望你有個快樂的一天。)
      • A new day has started~ (新的一天開始了~)
      • Did you have breakfast? (吃早餐了嗎?)
    • Afternoon
      • Being alone, you aren’t lonely, are you? (你自己一個人,會寂寞嗎?)
      • Mr. Han seems to be planning another weird business project. I’m worried. (Mr. Han似乎又在計畫奇怪的計畫。我很擔心。)
      • It seems the most difficult part of work is choosing from the lunch menu. (似乎最困難的工作就是選吃什麼當午餐。)
    • Evening
      • You like musicals? If you like, I can lend you a DVD of one of Zen’s performances. (你喜歡音樂劇嗎?如果喜歡,我可以借給你Zen表演的DVD。)
      • I keep wishing to speak with you, so I’m always looking at my phone. (我一直很想和你聊天,所以我一直看手機。)
      • After drinking coffee, I seem to be concentrating well. (喝完咖啡後,我似乎比較能專心。)
    • Midnight
      • You worked hard today. (你今天工作辛苦了。)
      • How about sleeping early for the sake of tomorrow? (為了明天早睡點如何?)
      • I was watching Zen’s DVD’s and before I knew it, it was morning… (我在看Zen的DVD,當我發現時已經早上了…)
  • Jumin
    • Morning:I’ll be back from work later, Elizabeth 3rd. (我工作會晚點回來,Elizabeth 3rd。)
    • Afternoon
      • I miss Elizabeth 3rd. (我想念Elizabeth 3rd。)
      • I’m in the middle of work. (我正在工作。)
      • I’ve thought of a new cat-related business idea. (我想到一個和貓相關的新想法了。)
    • Evening
      • Elizabeth 3rd, did you wait long? (Elizabeth 3rd,你等很久了嗎?)
      • I wanted to talk with you. (我想和你聊天。)
      • I hope you have a perfect dinner as well. (我想和你有頓美好的晚餐。)
    • Midnight
      • I want to wrap up today by having a conversation with you. (我想用跟你聊天來為今天畫下句點。)
      • If you can’t fall asleep, how about drinking some wine? (如果你睡不著,何不喝些酒?)
      • You’re still awake? (你還醒著?)
      • Staying up this late, you’re a bit like Elizabeth 3rd. (那麼晚睡,你有點像Elizabeth 3rd。)
  • 707
    • Morning
      • Guess what we talked about last night~ (猜猜我們昨晚說了什麼~)
      • Good morning~! (早安~!)
    • Afternoon
      • Right now, this app is being hacked! Haha, just kidding~ Were you surprised? (現在這個app被駭客入侵了!哈哈開玩笑的~你嚇到了?)
      • You hacker punk… I’ve got you now! (你這爛駭客…我要捉到你!)
      • Oh~ you wanted to hear my high gag, right? (噢,你想聽我的high gag[2]對嗎?)
    • Evening
      • Do you think I could teach a cat to be a hacker, too? (你覺得我能教貓變成駭客嗎?)
      • I want to play with Elly, and with you, too~ (我想和Elly玩~也想和你玩~)
    • Midnight
      • One cat… two cats… three cats… four (cats)… (一隻貓…兩隻貓…三隻貓…四隻…)
      • Honey, you’re still not asleep? (Honey,你還沒睡?)
  • V
    • Morning
      • The sound of birds chirping woke me up. (鳥的唧唧喳喳叫醒了我。)
      • Did you wake up? (起床了嗎?)
      • The dawn should keep our secrets safe. (曙光應該保守我們的秘密。)
    • Afternoon
      • I took a picture just now, and I think it came out well. (我剛拍了張照片,我覺得似乎不錯。)
      • If there’s ever anything bothering you, please talk to me anytime. (如果有什麼事煩著你,可以隨時跟我說哦。)
      • Make sure you eat proper meals. (要保持飲食均衡哦。)
    • Evening
      • Thank you for joining the RFA. (謝謝你加入RFA。)
      • Vacations are so soothing. (假期真慰藉人。)
    • Midnight
      • Just look at the night sky… I should take out my camera. (看看這夜空…我該拿出我的相機。)
      • I want to frame this moment in my memory forever. (我想將這一刻永遠記在腦海中。)
  • Rika
  • Unknown
    • Morning
      • I am looking forward to today’s agenda. (我期待今天的行程。)
      • BANG!! Hahaha, were you surprised? (BANG!!哈哈哈,嚇到了?)
      • When the sun comes up, so do the shadows. (太陽昇起時,陰影也會出現。)
      • What a pleasant morning. I wonder how many more mornings just like this there are to look forward to. (真是個美好的早晨。我想知道還有多少個像這樣可以期待的早晨。)
    • Afternoon
      • I just saw you laughing~ (我剛看到你笑了~)
      • You’re going to keep your eye on the RFA for me. (你要替我注意RFA。)
    • Evening
      • The darkness will come soon enough. (黑暗很快就會來臨。)
      • I’m a very good person. I’ll guide you down the right path~ (我是個好人。我會指引你到正確的道路上~)

2017 April Fool's DLC進版問候 编辑

  • Yoosung
    1. Me saying that I like you is not a joke, but the truth. (當我說「我喜歡你」時那不是玩笑,而是真的。)
    2. You might not be able to tell because I have such a baby face, but I’m actually the oldest among all of the members! (雖然可能因為娃娃臉你看不出來,但我實際上是所有成員最老的一個!)
    3. This is a secret, but my true form is actually this hairpin! (這是個秘密,不過我的真身其實是這個髮夾!)
  • Zen
    1. I usually go around telling people that this is my normal hair, but actually, this is all… premature gray hair! (我常到處跟別人說我的頭髮本來就這樣。不過實際上…這些全是…少年白!)
    2. Do you know why my eyes are red? It’s because I’m so good looking that I stare at the mirror too much! (你知道為何我的眼睛是紅色的嗎?因為我太帥了,盯著鏡子太久才會這樣!)
    3. Watching you try to lie is so cute that even if I try being oblivious, I keep laughing! (看你試著騙人的樣子真可愛,即使我假裝沒發現,我還是笑個不停!)
  • Jaehee
    1. Even when it’s not April Fool’s, I always enjoy the jokes you make. (即使不是愚人節,我還是很喜歡你講的笑話。)
    2. The fact that Mr. Han’s real name is Louis the 54th is a top-level secret that only the RFA members know. (Mr. Han的真名是Louis 54世這件事,是只有RFA成員才知道的最高機密。)
    3. I am humanoid robot secretary Jaehee Kang. Please call me Terminator Kang. (我是人型機器人秘書Jaehee Kang。請稱呼我為終結者Kang。)
  • Jumin
    1. I’ve decided to hire Elizabeth 3rd as the head of the marketing department. (我決定聘請Elizabeth 3rd當Marketing的負責人。)
    2. I spent a lot of time pondering this… what kind of joke should I make on April Fool’s to make you laugh? (我花了很多思考…在愚人節講怎樣的笑話才能讓你笑?)
  • 707
    1. Whatever lies you tell me today, I’m still going to believe in you~ (無論你今天跟我說怎樣的謊話我都會相信你~)
    2. Your nose will get longer if you tell a lie. Can I measure how long your nose is? (說謊的話鼻子會變長。我可以量量看你鼻子有多長嗎?)
    3. Did you know that the actual name of the Dr. Pepper is Duck's Fur Pepper? (你知道Dr. Pepper的真實名稱是Duck's Fur Pepper嗎?)[3]
  • V
    1. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. (騙我一次,你該感到羞愧;但騙我兩次,是我該感到羞愧。)

2017 Valentine's Day進版問候 编辑

  • Yoosung
    1. When you eat bitter chocolate, you feel like you’re a mature adult who’s fallen in love! (當你吃苦甜巧克力,你會覺得你是個在戀愛中的成熟大人。)
    2. I was struggling to write your name on the chocolate, but I think it came out really well! It’s pretty cool! (我很努力在巧克力上寫上你的名字,不過它看起來還不錯!酷吧!)
    3. I tried making chocolate while thinking about you. It’s going to be tasty, probably… (我試著做巧克力的時候邊想著你。它會很好吃吧,應該…)
  • Zen
    1. What magic did you cast on the chocolate? You look so much prettier. (你在巧克力上施了什麼咒語?你變得更漂亮了。)
    2. I didn’t get any chocolate today. There was just this one that I was waiting for~ (我今天沒有拿到任何巧克力。我在等待某樣東西哦~)
    3. The chocolate you gave me is too precious, so I feel like it’ll end up being months before I eat it. (你給我的巧克力太珍貴了,我覺得可能會好幾個月才吃它。)
  • Jaehee
    1. You’re giving me chocolates? Thank you. I’ll enjoy them. (你要給我巧克力?謝謝,我會好好享受它們。)
    2. I heard that eating chocolates can relieve fatigue. You should have some when you’re feeling tired. (我聽說吃巧克力可以消除疲勞。你累的時候可以吃一點。)
    3. They aren’t expensive, but I unknowingly found myself buying chocolates for you. I hope you accept them. (它沒有很貴,但我發現自已無意識的就買了巧克力給你。希望你能收下。)
  • Jumin
    1. You made this? Really? It’s tastes much better than a professional’s. (這是你做的?真的?它比專家做的還好吃。)
    2. You are sweeter than any chocolate I’ve ever had. (你比我吃過的任何巧克力還甜。)
    3. I’ve been contemplating how to preserve the chocolates you gave me. I’d like to keep them forever. (我在試如何將你給我的巧克力保存起來。我想要永遠保存著。)
  • 707
    1. Do you think it is weird for man to give chocolate? Who cares about it nowadays… You can just give it to whoever you like. (你覺得由男生給巧克力很怪嗎?不過現代社會誰管它…你可以送給任何你喜歡的人。)
    2. Do you want to try some of the chocolate I’ve made? But.. what’s in it is totally unpredictable, haha~ (你想吃吃看我做的巧克力嗎?不過…裡面的內容很難預料哦,哈哈~)
    3. Eating a chocolate gives you a similar feeling to falling in love. Do you want to try it. (吃巧克力的感覺就像掉入愛河一樣。你想試試嗎?)
  • V
    1. For me…the chocolate I received from Rika held a lot of meaning. (對我來說…從Rika那裡得來的巧克力意義重大。)
    2. The members seem to be enjoying the chocolate you gave them. (所有的成員似乎都很享受你送的巧克力喲!)
    3. Valentine’s Day… after I lost Rika, I stopped caring about these sorts of things. (情人節…自從我失去Rika後,我就不再關心這類事情了。)
  • Rika
    1. Happy Valentine’s Day!
    2. I’ll give a special chocolate to V! (我會給V特別的巧克力!)
    3. I bought ingredients to make chocolates for the five male members plus Jaehee, so six people in total. I wonder if I’ll run out? (我買了材料要做巧克力給五個男生加Jaehee,所以總共六個人。不知道材料夠不夠?)
  • Unknown
    1. That chocolate.. be careful when you eat it. (那個巧克力…吃的時候小心一點。)
    2. The sweeter this moment is, the more painful it will be when it all comes crashing down. (現在甜美的時刻,當一切崩潰時會更為苦澀。)
    3. Valentine’s Day? If you’re the kind to fall for that sort of sales gimmick, you’ll never be able to escape my trap. (情人節?如果你掉入這樣的商業陷阱,你也永遠不能逃離我的陷阱。)

2017 New Year進版問候 编辑

  • Yoosung
    1. ♪♫ Magpie, yesterday was your New Year’s Day. But today is our New Year’s Day ♪♫ (♪♫喜鵲,昨天是你的新年,但今天是我們的新年喲!♪♫)[4]
    2. May your year be filled with blessings. (希望你新的一年充滿著祝福!)
    3. I’m going to bow to Jumin so I can buy an item on LOLOL! (我要去向Jumin鞠躬(要紅包),這樣我才可以買LOLOL的新道具!)
  • Zen
    1. I hope I get a lot of work this year so I can be on the stage more. (我希望我今年能夠接到很多工作,讓我可以有更多上台的機會。)
    2. It’s a new year! Let’s go watch the sunrise together~ (新年了!我們一起去看日出~)
    3. Have a happy new year! (新年快樂!)
  • Jaehee
    1. I look forward to working with you this year. (我期待今年與你一起工作。)
    2. Now that I’m getting older, I should start focusing on taking care of my skin more. (現在我又老了一點,我應該開始更保養我的皮膚了。)
    3. Happy New Year!
  • Jumin
    1. Yoosung and Luciel might come to demand red envelopes from me. (Yoosung和Luciel可能會來找我要紅包。)
    2. My relatives have started asking when I’m going to get married. I’ll be able to answer them definitely next year, don’t you think? (我親戚開始問我何時要結婚。我明年就可以回答他們了,你不覺得嗎?)
  • 707
    1. Happy~ New Year!
    2. I want to get a new sports car. I should bow to Jumin~ (我想要一台新跑車。我應該要向Jumin鞠躬~)
    3. 707’s New Year’s goal: going on a journey around the world in my baby cars! (707的新年新目標:開著我的寶貝車子一起去環遊世界!)
  • V
    1. Happy New Year.
    2. It’s not about simply getting older, but about growing as a person, too. This year, I should become more mature. (這不僅是長了一歲,而更是成長。今年,我要變得更成熟。)
  • Rika
    1. I hope that this year, no one will get hurt and everyone’s wishes will come true! (希望新的一年沒有人會受傷,大家的願望都能實現!)
    2. Should we have a party on New Year’s too? Everyone can get together! (我們今年也該舉辦新年派對嗎?大家可以相聚在一起!)
    3. May your year be filled with blessings! (希望你新的一年充滿著祝福!)
  • Unknown
    1. After a day of relaxing, you never know what might happen. (經過一天的放鬆後,你永遠不會知道接下來會發生什麼事。)
    2. Happy New Year’? Did you really think I would say that? (「新年快樂」?你真的以為我會這樣說?)
    3. Is there any meaning to ‘New Year’? (「新年」有什麼意義嗎?)

2016 Christmas DLC進版問候 编辑

在2016的聖誕節,Cheritz開發了2016 Christmas DLC,並因應而設置了進版問候。英文翻譯為Tumblr用戶@mysticmessengeraudio團隊擁有。聖誕節DLC語音請見原網頁

  • Yoosung
    1. Mr. Santa Claus, I won’t ask much… Just give me a good GPA! (親愛的聖誕老人,我沒有要求太多…只要給我高GPA就好了!)
    2. I baked a cake for Christmas. Next year I’ll try to make it even fancier! (我為了聖誕節烤了一個蛋糕。明年,我會讓它更得更精美!)
    3. Merry Christmas! Do you want to decorate the tree together? I’ll save the star for you~ (Merry Christmas!你想要一起裝飾聖誕樹嗎?我把星星留給你~)
  • Zen
    1. You thought I was a Santa because of my hair color? What do you mean… have you ever seen such a handsome Santa? (因為我的髮色所以你覺得我是聖誕老人?這是什麼意思…你見過那麼帥的聖誕老人嗎?)
    2. There’s a gift I want to receive. It’s… you~ (我有一個想要的禮物。就是…你~)
    3. If I tie a ribbon around my neck, I would be the best Christmas present ever, right? (如果我在脖子上繫上緞帶,我會成為史上最好的聖誕禮物,對吧?)
  • Jaehee
    1. I’ve ordered Zen’s DVD for my own Christmas present! (我訂了Zen的DVD當作我自己的聖誕禮物!)
    2. Merry Christmas! I hope you have a blessed day as well! (Merry Christmas!我希望你有個幸福的一天!)
    3. Some say that Christmas is a day for lovers, right? Then today… I am going to stay inside. (有人說聖誕節是給情侶的節日,對嗎?那今天…我要待在室內。)
  • Jumin
    1. What would you like for your gift? Make a list for me and I’ll get it for you. (你想要什麼禮物?列個清單,我會送給你。)
    2. They say Christmas is a day for lovers. So, it will be a day for the two of us. (他們說聖誕節是給情侶的日子。所以,這個日子屬於我們兩人。)
    3. Why don’t you tell me whether you were naughty or nice? (你何不告訴我你是壞小孩還是乖小孩?)
  • 707
    1. Who is Santa, really? Maybe he’s a secret agent for a special organization~ (說實在的到底聖誕老人是誰?或許他是特殊組織的特務~)
    2. Ho, ho, ho. Merry Christmas! (齁、齁、齁!Merry Christmas!)
    3. Tonight I’m going to hang up a Christmas stocking so big that it can fit a sports car. (今晚我要放一個可以大到塞得下跑車的長襪!)
  • V
    1. I’m going to be a Santa for the other members. Though, Luciel and Yoosung will probably wish for something silly… (我要當所有成員的聖誕老人。不過,Luciel和Yoosung大概會想要一些奇怪的東西…)
    2. What should I get Rika for her gift? I’d love to see Rika’s bright smiling face. (我該給Rika什麼禮物?我想看Rika臉上燦爛的笑容。)
    3. How many years I have been spending Christmas together with Rika? Every year I’m happy to spend it by her side. (我和Rika一起過了多少次聖誕節呢?每年我都很開心能待在她身邊。)
  • Rika
    1. When I see that everyone is so happy, I feel happy too. I hope RFA will become a party that makes people smile. (當我看到所有人都那麼開心,我也感到開心。我希望RFA能成為一個讓大家綻放笑容的party。)
    2. V, you always take care of others but never yourself. I’m going to get you something nice for Christmas. (V,你總是照顧別人但卻不關心自己。我要給你一個很棒的聖誕禮物。)
    3. Merry Christmas! I hope today will be filled with excitement! (Merry Christmas!我希望今天能充滿快樂!)
  • Unknown
    1. I know you’re just pretending to be happy. (我知道你只是假裝快樂。)
    2. What I want is a little scary… will you be able to give it to me? (我想要的是有點可怕…你能夠給我嗎?)
    3. I’m a nice kid, so I will get a Christmas present from Santa. What? You think I’m a naughty kid?(我是乖小孩,所以我可以從聖誕老人那裡得到禮物。什麼?你覺得我是壞小孩?)

2016 Halloween進版問候 编辑


  • Yoosung
    1. Honestly, I've never done anything like this before... my heart is racing! (老實說,我從來沒有做過這樣的事…我的心跳好快!)
    2. If only I knew where you lived, I would visit your house first! Trick or treat! (如果我知道你住哪裡,我會先去你家!Trick or treat!)
    3. I hope you have a fun day! (希望你有個快樂的一天!)
  • Zen
    1. What would suit you? Maybe we should wear matching couple costumes? (你適合穿什麼呢?或許我們應該穿情侶裝?)
    2. Later, I'll come to your door and say 'trick or treat!' Give me something sweeter than candy, okay? (晚一點,我會到你的門邊喊「Trick or treat!」要給我比糖果還甜的東西哦,好嗎?)
    3. Tonight... should I become a wolf? *howl* (今晚…我要變身成狼嗎?嗷嗚~)
  • Jaehee
    1. Seven goes out of control whenever it's Halloween. I'm going to make sure he doesn't come near my place. (Seven每次在萬聖節都會失控。我要來確保他不會靠近我家。)
    2. I look forward to seeing what Zen is going to dress up as! Although, he would look great in anything. (我很期待看到Zen的裝扮!不過,他不管穿什麼都會很好看。)
    3. If you're dressing up, maybe I should as well? (如果你也要裝扮,那或許我也應該要?)
  • Jumin
    1. If you come knocking at my door and say trick or treat... I would choose the former out of curiosity. (如果你來敲我的門、喊「trick or treat」…我會出於好奇心選擇前者。)
    2. As usual, Seven is being secretive about his costume. (如同往常一樣,Seven對他的裝扮相當的保密。)
    3. You say a vampire suits me? ... You never know when I'll appear right behind you. (你說我適合吸血鬼?...你永遠不會知道我何時會出現在你身後。)
  • 707
    1. This year, my goal is to get a truckload of candy! (今年,我的目標是拿到一卡車的糖果!)
    2. Trick or treat! I won't eat you if you give me a rice cake! Huh? That's not right...[5] (Trick or treat!如果你給我年糕我就不吃你!哦?好像不太對…)
    3. What should I dress up as... a mummy? No, I'll prepare a costume as our cute Elly- (我應該裝扮成什麼…木乃伊嗎?不,我要準備穿得像我們可愛的Elly~)
  • V
    1. Happy Halloween! (萬聖節快樂!)
    2. Last year, Rika and I dressed up as Frankenstein and Frankenstein's bride. I'm not sure we'll do this year. (去年,Rika和我裝扮成科學怪人和科學怪人的新娘。我不確定我們今年會不會裝扮。)
    3. There's no way Luciel finished eating the candy he got last year... his goal really is something. (Luciel根本不可能吃完他去年得到的糖果…他的目標是真的。)
  • Rika
    1. What should I wear this year? I should talk to V. (我今年要裝扮成什麼?我應該來問問V。)
    2. Maybe it's because he's an actor, but Zen is great at dressing up in costumes! I want to make Jumin dress up too- (或許因為Zen是演員,他不管穿什麼都好看!我也想看Jumin裝扮~)
    3. Seven will bring Yoosung, right? He's sure to bring tons of candy! (Seven會帶著Yoosung,對嗎?他一定會帶超多的糖果!)
  • Unknown
    1. You know that even without dressing up... there are devils inside people's hearts. (你知道即使沒有裝扮…人們的心中也會有惡魔。)
    2. Halloween. It has no real meaning, yet people force importance on this day? (萬聖節。它沒有真正的意義,然而人們強迫它變得重要?)
    3. I don't need things like candy... so can I mess with you instead? (我不需要糖果…所以我可以用捉弄你來取代嗎?)

鈴聲 编辑

在遊戲右上角的設定中,「Push」下方的「Ringtone Select」可以將各角色的問候語當成遊戲訊息的鈴聲。

「Text Sound」為簡訊來時的鈴聲、「Email Sound」為賓客來信時的鈴聲而「Ringtone」則是各角色來電時的鈴聲。


  • Basic:所有人都擁有的鈴聲。
  • Bonus:當玩完某角色的GE後得到的鈴聲。
  • VIP:擁有RFA VIP資格特有的鈴聲。
  • X-mas:通關2016 Christmas DLC該角色路線後得到的鈴聲。
  • Valentine's Day:打開2017 Valentine's Day該角色After Story後得到的鈴聲。

由於鈴聲亦沒有字幕,本wiki亦獲得tumblr上的「Voice Clips & Recordings from Mystic Messenger(@mysticmessengeraudio)」同意,取得由他們翻譯的鈴聲。以下依各角色的鈴聲進行介紹。

Yoosung 编辑

  • Text Sound
    • Basic:You have a text message! (你收到一封簡訊!)
    • Bonus:Open your texts! (打開簡訊吧!)
    • X-mas:Merry Christmas!
    • Valentine:Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Email Sound
    • Bonus:Mystic Messenger!
    • X-mas:Check your email everyday! (每天都要收Email!)[6]
    • Valentine:Chocolate’s arrived! (巧克力來囉!)
  • Ringtone
    • Bonus:H-E-L-L-O~!
    • X-mas:Merry Christmas! Answer the phone, it could be from Santa. (Merry Christmas!接電話吧,可能是聖誕老人打來的哦!)
    • Valentine:Honey, I’ll be home early. (Honey,我會早點回家喲。)

Zen 编辑

  • Text Sound
    • Basic:A text arrived! (簡訊來囉!)
    • Bonus:Ding dong~ (叮咚~)
    • X-mas:Merry Christmas!!!
    • Valentine:Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Email Sound
    • Bonus:Mystic Messenger.
    • X-mas:Honey, you got an email! (Honey,你收到Email了!)
    • Valentine:Chocolate’s arrived! (巧克力來囉!)
  • Ringtone
    • Bonus:Incoming call~ Hurry and pick up! (有來電~快接起來!)
    • X-mas:Jingle bells, jingle bells! Honey, you’ll pick up, won’t you? (Jingle bells、Jingle bells!Honey,你會接電話吧?)
    • Valentine:Darling… (chuckle) I love you. (親愛的…(笑)我愛你。)

Jaehee 编辑

  • Text Sound
    • Basic:Please check your messages. (請檢查您的簡訊。)
    • Bonus:It’s time to check your texts. (該檢查您的簡訊囉。)
    • X-mas:Merry Christmas!
    • Valentine:Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Email Sound:
    • Bonus:Mystic Messenger.
    • X-mas:You’ve received an email. (您收到一封Email。)
    • Valentine:Chocolate has arrived! (巧克力來囉!)
  • Ringtone
    • Bonus:Please answer the phone. I’ll connect you to the call.
    • X-mas:Are you there? If it's a call from me, please answer! (你在嗎?如果是我打來的,請接電話!)
    • Valentine:I love you, I love you~! (我愛你,我愛你~!)

Jumin 编辑

  • Text Sound
    • Basic:You have received a text message. (你收到一封簡訊。)
    • Bonus:Elizabeth 3rd, a message arrived. (Elizabeth 3rd,有簡訊來了。)
    • X-mas:Merry Christmas.
    • Valentine:Happy Valentine’s Day.
  • Email Sound
    • Bonus:Mystic Messenger.
    • X-mas:Please, check your email. (請檢查你的Email。)
    • Valentine:The chocolate has arrived. (巧克力來了。)
  • Ringtone
    • Bonus:*ring ring* “Call incoming.” *ring ring* “The phone is ringing.” (*鈴聲*有電話。*鈴聲*你的電話響了。)
    • X-mas:If you see my picture on your screen, answer your phone right now. If you see anyone else’s picture, answer it later. (如果你看到來電顯示的是我,馬上接電話。如果你看到的是鄂人,等下再接。)
    • Valentine:My dear wife, will you take this call? (親愛的老婆,你會接電話嗎?)

707 编辑

  • Text Sound
    • Basic:There’s a new text! (有新的訊息!)
    • Bonus:A text message zoomed in! (簡訊咻~來了!)
    • X-mas:A text has been received from space. (收到一封從外太空寄來的簡訊。)
    • Valentine:Happy Valentine’s Day!
  • Email Sound
    • Bonus:Mystic Messenger.
    • X-mas:An email has arrived~ (收到一封Email~)
    • Valentine:Chocolate has arrived~ (巧克力來囉~)
  • Ringtone
    • Bonus:Ring Ring~ Incoming call! (鈴鈴~有來電~)
    • X-mas:♬♪ Receiving a radio waves from the space station ♬♪ ♬♪ Answer the phone~ Maybe this phone call is from an alien~ ♬♪ (♬♪收到來自太空站的電波♬♪♬♪接電話吧~也許這通電話是外星人打來的哦~♬♪)
    • Valentine:I am sending a signal to my only other half in whole universe. (我在傳信號給全宇宙唯一的另一半。)

V 编辑

  • Text Sound
    • X-mas:Merry Christmas.
  • Email Sound
    • X-mas:Oh, I’ve just received an email? (噢!我剛收到一封Email?)
  • Ringtone
    • X-mas:Merry Christmas. Quickly now, answer your phone. (Merry Christmas. 快點,接電話吧。)

Rika 编辑

  • Text Sound
    • X-mas:Merry Christmas!
  • Email Sound
    • X-mas:An email has arrived~ (一封Email來囉~)
  • Ringtone
    • X-mas:This is a call from an RFA member. It’s a special phone call, so you should pick it up! (這是RFA成員打來的電話。這是一通特別的電話,你應該要接起來喲!)

Unknown 编辑

  • Text Sound
    • X-mas:Meeeerry Christmaaas~ *laughs*
  • Email Sound
    • X-mas:An email~ has arrived~ (一封Email來囉~)
  • Ringtone
    • X-mas:Ahh… It’s too loud!! Just answer the phone!! (啊啊…太大聲了!!!快接電話!!!)

LINE貼圖音效 编辑

在Mystic Messenger中,每位角色都有專屬的貼圖,遊戲中貼圖是有音效的。由於音效沒有字幕,本wiki亦獲得tumblr上的「Voice Clips & Recordings from Mystic Messenger(@mysticmessengeraudio)」同意,取得由他們翻譯的音效。以下依各角色的貼圖及其音效進行介紹。官方貼圖可以於LINE上購買。

Yoosung 编辑

Yoosung Sticker 01
Hyung, why are you like this?


Yoosung Sticker 02
Yoosung Sticker 03
Yoosung Sticker 04
Yoosung Sticker 05
Yoosung Sticker 06
I want to see you.


Yoosung mystic messenger 2 by afiilen-daeys8a
Ahh… I’m getting tired…


Yoosung mystic messenger 3 by afiilen-daeys84
This…is heaven!


Yoosung mystic messenger 8 by afiilen-daeys7d


Yoosung mystic messenger 9 by afiilen-dagslhs

Zen 编辑

Are you kidding me?


Zen Sticker 01


Zen Sticker 02
Hey/Excuse me.
File-Zen Sticker 03
Zen Sticker 04
That’s enough.


Zen mystic messenger 2 by afiilen-daeys6o
Zen mystic messenger 5 by afiilen-daeys71
Ahh… I’m tired…


Zen mystic messenger 6 by afiilen-daeys76
My face is a work of art~


Zen mystic messenger 7 by afiilen-daeys9p
Thank you.


Zen mystic messenger 9 by afiilen-daeys6h

Jaehee 编辑

I’ve ordered Zen’s DVD.


Jaehee Sticker 01
How do you want to do this/What do you want to do?


Jaehee Sticker 02
Jaehee Sticker 03
Just what did I hear?


Jaehee Sticker 04
Thank you.


Jaehee Sticker 05
Oh, my vision’s getting blurry.


Jaehee mystic messenger 1 by afiilen-daeys3q
Jaehee mystic messenger 8 by afiilen-daeyrty-1
I'm glad~


Jaehee mystic messenger 8 by afiilen-dagsldr

Jumin 编辑

Jumin Sticker 01
Now just what do you think you’re doing?


Jumin Sticker 02


Jumin Sticker 03
How tiresome.


Jumin Sticker 04

707 编辑

707 Sticker 01
707 Sticker 02
707 Sticker 03
707 Sticker 04
I love you, Dr. Pepper!
707 Sticker 05
I got it, I got it…


707 mystic messenger 1 by afiilen-daeys8f
*Sigh* How troublesome…


707 mystic messenger 4 by afiilen-daeys90
707 mystic messenger 5 by afiilen-daeys99
707 mystic messenger 9 by afiilen-daf7dge

聲音試聽 编辑

在Cheritz的Mystic Messenger官網中提供了各角色的聲音片段供大家試聽。由於試聽沒有字幕,本wiki亦獲得tumblr上的「Voice Clips & Recordings from Mystic Messenger(@mysticmessengeraudio)」同意,取得由他們翻譯的試聽片段。

Yoosung 编辑

  1. (He’s talking to the other LOLOL players) Ahhh! Where did the rare monster go… go look behind the wall. Maybe it went that way… WHAT we’re going to get sent back to where we came from in three seconds…AHH this can’t be happening! I can’t teleport so it’s going to take me 20 seconds to get there… it just appeared, right? Just wait a little… we can fight it together. ([在跟別的LOLOL玩家說話] 啊啊啊!特殊怪跑去哪了啊…去看看牆後,牠可能往那個方向走…什麼!我們將在三秒後被送回我們原本的地方…啊啊啊怎麼會這樣!我現在不能傳送,所以得花20秒才能到那裡…牠就這樣出現了對嗎?等我一下…我們可以一起打。)
  2. *Sigh* Who invented college curriculum… it’s so hard and boring. ((嘆)是誰發明大學課程的…好難又好無聊。)
  3. Ah–I’m Yoosung Kim. I’m the one with ‘Yoosung’ and a black star behind it in the chatroom. (啊…我是Yoosung Kim。我是那個在聊天室中名字是「Yoosung」還加了一顆黑色星星的那個。)
  4. You knew how I felt and magically called me~ (你知道我的想法還很神奇的打給我~)
  5. (Cute baby voice) “Honeyyy, don’t forget to eat or Yoosung-yi is going to worry~" Uhh, I went too far… please forget what I just said, hehe. ([裝可愛的聲音] 「Honeyyy,不要忘了吃飯,不然Yoosung-yi會擔心心哦~」呃…我好像太過分了…請忘記我剛說的,哈哈。[9]

Zen 编辑

  1. Good morning, honey~ (早安,Honey~)
  2. *Laughs* “Ah, my good looks… oh, what am I going to do with this face. ((笑)啊,我的帥…噢我該拿我的臉怎麼辦。)
  3. Even though you can get hurt while acting, I ultimately believe that taking care of one’s body is an actor’s duty, too. (即使會在演戲時受傷,我始終相信照顧好自己的身體也是演員的職責。)

Jaehee 编辑

  1. To be honest, because there’s another female member joining the RFA I feel happy too, although the other members seem glad as well. (說實在,我很開心RFA有另一個女性成員,雖然其他的成員也很開心就是。)
  2. Mm… I feel anxious. It won’t be a cat project, will it? It’s going to be hell (if it is a cat project) (嗯…我覺得焦慮…該不會還有貓的計畫吧?如果是,那會像是地獄一樣。)
  3. I will be taking the call. This is Mr. Han’s office… oh, this isn’t the office… This is Jaehee Kang speaking. (我接個電話。這是Mr. Han的辦公室…噢…我不在辦公室…我是Jaehee Kang。)
  4. Even though every day is hard, I think I can endure it by the thought that I can talk to you again tomorrow~ (即使每天那麼辛苦,我想著明天就能再跟你聊天就能忍受下去~)
  5. Whenever I work late, I become jealous of the security guards who go home after their night duty. At least they get to go home. (每次我加班,我總是很嫉妒保全人員他們可以值晚夜班後就會家。至少他們可以回家。)

Jumin 编辑

  1. If you want to see my face, look through the magazines. (如果你想看我的樣子,去看雜誌吧。)
  2. I am not a tsundere. It’s already obvious, but I know what tsundere means. It’s in the urban dictionary. (我不是傲嬌。雖然很明顯了,但我知道什麼是「傲嬌」。在Urban Dictionary上有寫。)
  3. There are a lot of opportunities and ideas using a cat… wine, electronics, fashion, mascot… ah, have I mentioned this before? I want Elizabeth 3rd to become a mascot for my company’s latest material. (有很多機會和想法可以用「貓」…酒、電子用品、時尚產業、吉祥物…啊,我有提過嗎?我希望Elizabeth 3rd可以當我公司的最新的素材。)
  4. Seeing you calling me nonstop… I’ll acknowledge your boldness. (看你這樣一直打給我…我承認你勇氣可嘉。)
  5. Elizabeth 3rd is such a majestic creature… I’m so lucky to see her up close. (Elizabeth 3rd是如此崇高的生物…我是如此幸運能那麼近的觀察她。)

707 编辑

  1. Sometimes, I have that thought, too~ (有時候,我也有那樣的想法~)
  2. When I woke up and turned on my laptop, a black screen and text that said ‘You’ve been robbed!’ appeared… was it supposed to scare me?” *laughs* Maybe it can be left as a fun memory~ (當我起床後打開筆電,螢幕變成全黑,上面寫著:「你被搶了!」…你以為我會被嚇到嗎?(笑)或許它會變成有趣的回憶~)
  3. You’ve reached Seven’s place, 706-707… Why didn’t you pick up the phone before, you meanie! (您已到達Seven的地盤,706-707… 你之前怎麼沒有接電話,小氣鬼!)
  4. Mm… why can’t you trust me? (嗯…你為何不能相信我?)
  5. Honey Buddha Chips will only be given to those who save the world… Keep that in mind~ (Honey Buddha Chips只會給那些拯救世界的人…要記住哦~)

V 编辑

  • I’ll take even your pain upon myself, so don’t feel hurt. (我會幫你承擔你的痛苦,所以不要感到受傷害。)

Rika 编辑

  • I want to stay in the present. Loving you, I want to stay in this moment. (我想活在當下。愛著你,我想存在在此刻。)

Unknown 编辑

參考資料 编辑

  1. 這句話出自於莎士比亞《哈姆雷特》的名言「To be or not to be, that is the question...」
  2. High gag是韓文的俚語,指high-class humor。
  3. Dr. Pepper在韓文中和Chicken's Fur Pepper音近。
  4. 歌詞可以見 喜鵲是韓國的國鳥。
  5. 「I won't eat you if you give me a rice cake」這句話是從韓國有名的民間故事而來。
  6. 這裡玩了近音詞,因為everyday(매일)和mail「메일」音相當近接。
  7. 「Hyung」是韓文中用來稱呼與自己親近、較年長的男性,很像所謂的「大哥」的意思。Yoosung常常用「Hyung」來稱呼其他RFA的男生們。
  8. 韓文「Hul/헐」是用來表達驚訝、驚喜或困擾的嘆詞。
  9. 「Yoosung-yi」是一種可愛的稱呼方式。